Since we became a wholly independent voluntary group in time for the 2016 event we are free to use our funds as we see fit.  But as a young organisation we also have to ensure we have sufficient funds to be able to sustain ourselves through difficult years when the weather may be against us. 



One of the beneficiaries in 2018 was again n be Lymm Heritage Centre - a fantastic innovative project that will benefit all age groups and all sections of the local and wider community. The first £1K of any surplus will be retained so that we can reach our reserves target   




And don't forget Lymm Traders from Hotels, Pubs and Restuarants to the wide range of retailers and smaller local traders.  At least one has decribed it as "our busiest day of the year".  

We deliberately don't place more than one food trader in the village centre to maximise the opportunity for local businesses to benefit. 



Lymm Historic Transport Day is run by Lymm Historic Transport Group a constituted voluntary group that was formed at its first AGM on November 17th 2015.  Prior to that, for its first three years 2013-2015 the event operated as a sub-group of Lymm Festival  which is a registered charity. If you would like to know more about the organisation please contact the Event Director.




Contrary to what many people seem to think we receive no funding from the council, borough or parish*.  We rely entirely on our admission money, the generosity or our sponsors and the payments by traders.  

* Lymm Parish Council do currently cover the cost of road closure for all community events including for our drive-in , for which we are most grateful. 



We are an entirely volunteer led group.  No member of the group receives any payment though of course we do have to make payments to  other organisations for their services. That is why volunteers are so important to us especially on the day itself when we need over 120 people involved to help things run smoothly. If you could give even a couple of hours please take a look at our volunteering page and get in touch with us.  




In its first five years Lymm Historic Transport Day has generated a total surplus of around £42K.

£9.5K has been contributed to Lymm Festival (itself a charity) 

£24K has been used to establish a working capital reserve for running Transport Day. 

Transport Day costs approximately £18K-£20K to put on each year. 

In 2016&17 Transport Day also contributed approx £8.5K to the charity which has created Lymm Heritage Centre.