Can you help secure the future of Lymm Historic Transport Day ?


After 9 years our Event Director, Alan Williams, who originally set up Lymm Historic Transport Day, is stepping down.


The event has gone from nothing to being probably Lymm biggest ever single-day event over that time and has provided some memorable days though sadly we have lost the last two events to Covid.  


It takes a big team to run an event like this and many important people are still in place. The vehicle manager for the main field, the boats manager, traction engine manager, LEGO co-ordinator and model rail co-ordinator, treasurer and health & safety person are all still potentially in place.

But that does still leaves a lot to do.  The Event Director has been responsible for identifying and booking main attractions, all legal and admin arrangements, e.g.  event licences, road closure arrangements, producing the event management plan and liaising with Borough Council, marketing and publicity including social media, programme production(possibly no longer needed), volunteer recruitment and allocation, project plan co-ordination, chairing meetings,  arranging park and ride, keeping the whole team informed.

Some of these tasks could potentially be delegated of course.

There are two other people stepping down. Between them they were responsible for  Main Event field logistics and management e.g. booking things like trackway, tables, bins etc.  booking traders, food and non-food, taking payment, communicating with traders, mapping the field, marking out the field, co-ordinating all these elements in the run up to the event and on the day.  

Many aspects of the event re now run “on repeat”. Systems have been devised to streamline activities as far as possible though of course every year throws up its own unique challenges.

For any individual or group who would like to consider taking on the event we would advise that we first sit down for an informal, no commitment  chat when we can describe the tasks more fully and answer any questions or concerns.   The three retiring members of the team would also be available  to advise and consult in the run up to the event but would no longer be the controlling party. This implies of course that new management of the team may wish to change the structure and format of the event. The event takes a large amount of planning and much of the work is typically done from December onwards building up gradually to the day ( 2022 would be June 26th).

If you would like that informal chat contact  Alan Williams at  or call on 07540 096282