All Vehicles (except Traction Engines )

Information and Instructions for all Vehicles (Individual  & Club)

 Please read, understand  and agree to these terms before applying (using buttons at bottom of this page) and contact us if you have a problem with the online application.


All applicants will be notified by email as soon as possible, normally within 30 days, if their application has been successful, so keep checking your inbox & junk folders.  Unallocated applicants will be waitlisted automatically and you will receive a mail letting you know this.

NOTE: Only applicants who have received confirmation of their successful application will be allowed entry onto the field.  

NOTE: All vehicles must be self-propelled such that they can enter, manoeuvre and exit the field under their own power (except by specially agreed arrangement)

NOTE: It is the exhibiting vehicle owner's responsibility to  ensure that the vehicle is suitably insured on the day of the event.


    1. Unless you are in the parade**  you MUST ARRIVE by 10.15 a.m.

    2. There will be NO ACCESS to the field after 10.15 a.m.

    3. Exhibitors will receive two event passes on arrival - if you have more than 2 passengers in your vehicle, you will be asked to buy extra tickets.

    4. Vehicles, gazebos, etc must be KEPT WITHIN YOUR ALLOCATED AREA (please refer to our ‘Gazebo Safety Information’)

    5. NO POWER OR WATER services will be provided on the field.

    6. NO VEHICLE MOVEMENT after 10.40 a.m until the event officially closes.

    7. Ensure you remove your waste material from the field when you leave.

Upon arrival, you will be met by an event marshal at the field entrance. We recommend you come early, as the field will get busy very quickly as vehicles and exhibitors arrive to set up.

Location: May Queen Field, Pepper St, Lymm, WA13 0JB – The site will be signposted on all the approaches to the village. For map and general information visit the event website

Please use the button below to access the online application forms. 

Enquiries/ queries/ questions please contact: 

** The "parade" is a three mile drive-in which goes through the centre of the village at around 10.30am. Capacity for this is limited to 100 vehicles. If you apply for this and are accepted you will receive separate details on what to do and where to go. 


 Apply using buttons below - Booking goes live  at noon Jan 3rd 


If you apply and are accepted please understand that we are expecting you. 

We turn down an enormous of applications due to space constraints so it is frustrating on the day to see gaps due to “no-shows”.

If , having booked and been accepted, you are not going to be able to join us please let us know well in advance so that  we can let some-one else have your space.

There is enormous demand for a limited number of places.

If you booked last year but did not attend and did not let us know you weren’t coming we may not be able to reserve you a space this year.

Due to enormous demand within the first few hours of opening we are having to suspend registration for any further car clubs. If you would still like your club to be considered use the WAIT LIST button below to drop a line to our clubs organiser. We are still open to two wheel clubs. 

The "single Vehicle" category includes all types including cars,  m'bikes, scooters, commercials, agriculural, military and emergency. 

This year for the first time we have two separate forms  one for 1970 or later and one for pre-1970s. This is  to ensure that we have a good spread of vehicle ages and models.  

PLEASE NOTE  all vehicle applications  will now be classified as "WAIT LIST" as demand has been so high.. We will find space for as many cars as possible so don't give up . We do also still have space in our historic EMERGENCY VEHICLES area so please apply via WAIT LIST if you are in that category.  

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