Yes we even give prizes,  admittedly small ones, ( actually some rather nice little trophies this year ) for the vehicles that really catch our eye.  Here are the categories . 

There will be costume parade in the arena area at the top of the field at 3.45pm followed by presentations to all winners at 4pm 

Best vintage vehicle - pre 1930 

Best Campervan

Best 3-wheel vehicle

Best commercial vehicle

Best American car

Best replica/kit car

Best MG

Best Triumph

Best Jaguar

Best classic Car 1930s

Best Classic Car 1940s

Best Classic Car 1950s

Best Classic Car 1960s

Best Classic Car 1970s

Best Classic Car 1980s

Best Modern motorbike

Best classic motorbike

Best military vehicle

Best Willys Jeep

Best dressed in uniform

Best dressed female

Best dressed male 

Best dressed child

Best dressed group 

Best Car Club Display 

Car of the Show 

Of course you are all winners in our eyes !! just for being there.