Volunteer Briefing

  • Please be sure you are happy that you know what your role. There may be limited time on the day. Your first port of call before the day or on the day is your Venue Co-ordinator.

Start of Duty

Please try and arrive a few minutes early wearing your wristband. Find the Venue co-ordinator to report in, sign the register and pick up a hi-vis jacket .  

If you are using a radio be sure you understand how to use it. Pick up an instruction card with radio.

End of Duty.

Sign out and return the jacket.

First Aid  / Event HQ

Be aware there are two first aid stations manned by Red Cross– Main Event Field (clearly marked) and near LYCA.  There will be a Red Cross ambulance stationed on Mayfield View.

For anything but the most trivial incidents please escalate to First Aiders, inform Venue co-ordinator, complete an incident report.

Lost Children

Let Venue- co-ordinator know asap. We can make announcements on field.  In the result of prolonged failure to reunite go to Event HQ. – Has never happened so far.

Other tips

There will be free refreshments – cold drinks,  energy bars, but you may want to bring a bottle of water with you and hopefully you may also need sunblock !  

Have your phone charged up and take plenty of pictures on phone or camera.  Especially if you are away from Main Event field. They provide a useful record of the event. Take a picture of anything you see as a problem – like a bottleneck ..  




Managing Doors/Gates 

Taking Money 


If your role involves taking money and you have not been able to attend either of the briefings please




for a copy of the important notes.



We don't put them on the website for security reasons 

Frequently Asked Questions


Do people need to have a wristband to attend the event ?

The canalside, Henry St Car Park, pub car-parks and of course the drive in parade are all  free access areas.  People can also park at Rugby club or  High School for free but if they want to use the bus, visit the main event field, the village hall, the methodist church or Maple Lodge they will need their wristband.


Where you can you buy a programme ?

Trick question. They are free and will be available at every pay point and from volunteers in village centre and at canal They contain the all-important map and venue rundown


Where can you buy a wristband ?

At any of those paid entry points plus the car parks. Also in advance – to be encouraged to alleviate queuing ..


How many people are we expecting ?

Weather dependent – Last year we had 5,000 payers + plus at least another 2,000 who either exhibitors or on free tickets or never went to paid area. We could expect a 25% increase on that number.

What about disabled parking ?

Extra places on Davies Way and Pepper St, Mayfield View.

Disabled parking at park and rides but no wheelchair access.


How do the buses work ?

Two dedicated buses for each car park shuttling continuously all day.  Bus stop is opposite Sainsburys on  Rectory Lane


Is anything happening on Saturday ?

Boats will be here .. Traction engines will be arriving. This is likely to draw more people than usual to the canal but it is not part of the official event.


What are the major challenges we need to look out for?

  • Visitors behaving as if all roads are closed- encourage them to use pavements especially on Pepper St.

  • The approach to May Queen field – could become congested especially 11.00 till 12 and we also need to separate vehicles and people. We will have large numbers of marshalls in place in these areas at this time.

  • Canal at 4.30 for sail past – likely to be very busy. Marshalls encourage people to use both sides and spread people along.

  • Keeping traffic moving in village centre. We have clear signage. If people stop to ask a question give them a programme and get them moving again quickly. – There is a road closure during the drive-in.