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Our journey so far...

Lymm Historic Transport Day was born in 2013 as an event within the Lymm Festival.  The brainchild of Alan Williams, it grew over the years and became an independent event whilst maintaining close bonds with its parent Festival.  2023 will be our tenth year of showcasing fantastic vehicles, raising money for charity and bringing  people together for a brilliant day out - all in an area with a rich transport history

The Transport Day is run entirely by a committee of dedicated volunteers, as well as some 120 volunteers on the day itself.  We receive no set funding from the Council and the costs of the event are raised entirely from ticket sales and sponsorship.  After our costs all the profits are donated to local causes.  In 2023 we donated £8,500 to charity and you can find out more about our beneficiaries HERE


But the ways in which we aim to benefit the community extend beyond the direct donations we make. 


  • With exhibitors and visitors from as far as Yorkshire, South Wales and Northumbria, we boost the profile of the whole Lymm area. 

  • We employ local, companies to help us with everything from PA systems to printing. 

  • We support the brilliant local press - both print and radio - by taking paid adverts. 

  • We offer free plots on the field to local charities, bringing them face to face with thousands of visitors. 

  • Transport Day increases footfall through the village over the weekend, providing a great opportunity for local businesses. 

  • Most importantly, we boost community spirit by bringing people from all demographics together for a great day out. 


Lymm Historic Transport Day is a fun, family event for young and old alike.

Legends of Transport Day

Over the last decade there have been hundreds of people who have kindly given their time to help make it the event it has become.  Three people in particular have gone above and beyond for the event in recent years and are now generously helping the current organising committee.  Alan Williams, the event's original founder, alongside John Parry and David Pioli, the former Field Marshal and Manager, are all kindly giving their valuable advice and expertise.  The current Committee are hugely grateful for their efforts past and present!     


The Current Committee

Our dedicated team give their time for free to help give the community a fantastic event.  They are:


Chair - Jack Levy

Committee Secretary - Simon Coombes

Treasurer - Chris Hamlin

Health & Safety - Andrew Morris

Advertising & Insurance - Mark Laing

Council Liaison - Ruth Banks

Volunteer Co-Ordinator - Georgina Wood

Gate Manager - Paul Wareham

IT - Richard Nurse

Field Managers - Wanda Ward & Diane Kerfoot

Vehicles Manager - Chris Berg

Car Clubs - Lawrence Ross & David Hemmings

Bikes, Independents & Field Layout - Andy Barnes

Steam - Bruce Thomas

Boats - Lynnette Crossley

Village Hall - Howard Platt

Maple Lodge - Tim Shire & Jim Walshe

Traders - Robin Taylor

Food & Drink - Josette Foster

Parade - Lee Kendall

Sponsorship - Andy McDermott

Car Parking - Rob Hamnett

Buses & Music - Michael Latimer

Village Centre - Angus Morris

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