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Terms & Conditions

LHTD 2024

Information and Instructions for 

May Queen Field (MQF) Vehicle Participants

1. The MQF is open for setup from 8am on the event day (Sunday 23rd June 2024). General Public admission to the event is between 11am and 5pm. (This may be altered at the organisers discretion on the day, depending on circumstances).


2. Participants will receive two free event passes once parked on the field in your allocated spot. To help support this charitable event, participants are welcome to contribute a small donation per vehicle, though this is entirely at their discretion, not mandatory, and will not impact upon their selection to the event in any way. Details of this contribution process will be provided separately, at a time closer to the event.


3. Unless you are in the parade, there will be NO ACCESS to the MQF after 10.15am, and you must be parked and setup by 10.25am. Please arrive in good time; the field will be busy as vehicles and exhibitors arrive to set up. 


4. All vehicles and any equipment must be kept within the allocated pitch and must stay on-field, and within the allocated area for public safety reasons until the event closes at 5pm.


5. NO VEHICLE MOVEMENT is permitted after 10.25 until the event close, unless directed by an event marshal.


6. Please note that parade vehicles will be given separate instructions for entry onto the field, but must comply with the on-field instructions as per other vehicles. Parade vehicles on entry to the field should arrange themselves into their designated parking areas in a timely manner so as to permit the event to be opened to the general public on time. 


7. Acceptance and entry into the event are under the condition that you abide by these terms and conditions and follow any direction or instructions from a member of the event organisers.


8. Participants must minimise any damage that their vehicle causes to the field, for example no purposeful spinning of wheels. Participants must also remove their own waste from the field.


9. On arrival, you will be met by a marshal at the field entrance. Please ensure that you display your vehicle pass that will be provided to you following a successful application. This will help us efficiently guide you to your designated space.


10. The use of gazebos for exhibitors is permitted where agreed in advance with the event organisers. Guy ropes are not permitted as they present a tripping hazard. Where required, gazebos should be secured with sandbags instead. In the event of inclement weather, such as gusts, where the event organisers require gazebos to be taken down you must promptly comply with this instruction.


11. All vehicles must be roadworthy and can be legally driven to and from the event, unless discussed and agreed with the organisers during the application period. This shall include any road tax, insurance and MOT requirements, as applicable to the vehicles.

Location: May Queen Field, Pepper St, Lymm, WA13 0JB – The site will be signposted on all the approaches to the village. For map and general information visit the event website

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